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Active Ingredient
Be Smart Don't Think
A.D. Records CD adr01, 2003 (48:58)

= A  H A I K U   R E V I E W  =

  minty fresh hiP-hoP,
  cool-jaZZy funk, reGGae grooves –
  but me no expert

  Glenn Brooks

James Mathus and His Knockdown Society: National Antiseptic
Linda Dailey Paulson
From the opening tune, you can tell that, like much of the Squirrel Nut Zippers fare, this is good time party music. continued

Eddie & Frank Thomas: Angels on the Backroads:
Volume 1 - Memphis to Clack's Store
Volume 2 - Robinsonville to the Valley Store
Glenn Brooks
a unique project whose goal, in part, is to transport the listener to Highway 61, the Blues Highway, where blues history was made

Volumes 3 & 4 are now out...

Dave Holland Big Band: What Goes Around
Dan Macintosh
it rotates in a distinctly predatory motion, like animals circling for the kill continued

Evan Johns and The Hillbilly Soul Surfers: Moontan
Linda Dailey Paulson
In short: psychobilly meets surf for a musical rumble. continued

Clothesline Revival: Of My Native Land
Glenn Brooks
squeaky porch swing meets a scratchy fiddle band continued

Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer: Drum Hat Buddha
Dan Macintosh
Nope, this album ain't about ex-hippies crying in their beers while slumped over acoustic guitars. continued

The Gourds: Shinebox
Linda Dailey Paulson
seems to be prime evidence the Gourds are at their best when interpreting other folks' songs. continued

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